Data Cleansing/Data Scrubbing

Product data entry services are one of the company that provides the ecommerce services. We have already made a place for ourselves with our hard work and dedication towards our work.

Data cleansing is a process where we detect and correct the corrupted data from a record set or table or a database. We can rectify them by replacing, modifying or deleting the dirty data or what we call it to be as coarse data. After the cleansing is done, the data would be very consistent and also similar to the data sets in the system. The inconsistency that has been formed must be due to the incorrect data entry or due to the transmission or storage.

We have a group of experts who are very well exercised in this particular job. Data cleansing is very much different than data validation which is well known to our experts. Our process includes removing of typographical errors from the data and makes them similar to the other data present in the database.

The main problem with the inconsistent data is that it leads to the wrong results and incorrect data can prove to be very costly when it comes to business world. This is where we come into picture. Our experts would not let any of the incorrect data remain in the database. We give you the best and affordable packages which are consistent too.

The process that we do has a number of steps like validity, de-cleansing, accuracy, completeness, consistency and also uniformity checks. We check the data in all the mentioned fields and then decide whether it needs cure or not. In case the data needs cleansing then it undergoes the processes beginning with data auditing where the anomalies are detected then comes workflow specification and execution followed by post processing and controlling in the end.

Hence, you would definitely be in safe hands when it comes to data cleansing.


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